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Minimal installation of Manjaro

For Manjaro 20.0.3

This is how to do a minimal installation of Manjaro. This a simple installation guide which uses the entire disk.

  1. Grab the Manjaro Architect ISO from
  2. Choose your desired layout and keyboard
  3. Boot Manjaro Architect
  4. Login as user manjaro password manjaro
  5. Run setup
  6. It now takes a while because Manjaro updates the installer program and databases
  7. Select Language
  8. Select 1 Prepare Installation
  9. Select 3 Partition Disk
  10. Choose the correct disk
  11. Select Automatic Partitioning BIOS & UEFI
  12. Select Mount Partitions
  13. Select the correct ROOT partition
  14. Select ext4 mkfs.ext4 -q
  15. Confirm the mount options
  16. Select 13 Back
  17. Select 3 Install CLI System
  18. Select Install Base Packages
  19. At Install Base dialogue choose linux-lts
  20. At Additional kernel modules dialogue choose none
  21. The installation begins now and will take a while
  22. At Install Network Drivers select 1 Auto-install free drivers
  23. Select 2 Install Bootloader
  24. Choose grub
  25. Select the correct device for Bootloader installation. Grub will now be installer
  26. Select 3 Configure Base
  27. Select 1 Generate FSTAB
  28. Select fstabgen -U -p
  29. Select 2 Set Hostname - choose a hostname
  30. Select 4 Set Timezone and Clock, select the correct time zone, then choose UTC
  31. Select 5 Set Root Password set a root password
  32. Select 6 Add new user(s)
  33. Select a name, select default shell (bash will do it), set a password
  34. Select 7 Back
  35. Select 8 Back
  36. Select 6 Done
  37. Confirm Close installer
  38. reboot

When the machine is rebooted, login as root and execute the following commands

pacman -Rsc lvm2
systemctl enable dhclient@$(grep ^en /proc/net/dev|cut -d: -f1).service

Reboot again. Congratulation, you have now the smallest Manjaro system possible.

A minimal X environment

In this example we use bspwm.

As user execute the following commands

pacman -S xorg # choose default=all
pacman -S bspwm sxhkd xorg-init xterm rofi
install -Dm644 /usr/share/doc/bspwm/examples/sxhkdrc ~/.config/sxhkd/sxhkdrc
install -Dm755 /usr/share/doc/bspwm/examples/bspwmrc ~/.config/bspwm/bspwmrc
sed -ie s/dmenu_run/'rofi -show run'/g  ~/.config/sxhkd/sxhkdrc
sed -ie s/urxvt/xterm/g  ~/.config/sxhkd/sxhkdrc
echo "exec bspwm" >~/.xinitrc

Then reboot, login as user and execute startx. Once X has launched press Super (or Windows key) + Return to launch xterm

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